Deep in the remote heart of Africa, Shiwa N’gandu is a majestic house built in the 1920s in the style of a traditional English country home. Loaded with history, it has recently been converted into a magnificent and exclusive lodge.

The original brick mansion and its surrounding 40 square-mile estate were built by Sir Stewart Gore-Browne in what is now northern Zambia. A former British Army officer who fell in love with the African bush, Sir Stewart constructed formal gardens and tennis courts, plus houses, hospitals and schools for his workers. He died in 1967 and to this day remains the only white man in Zambia to be given a state funeral.

Sir Stewart’s grandson Charlie and his wife Jo took on the job of renovating the mansion in 1999 and have done a miraculous job in restoring it to its former glory. All five guest rooms have their original hardwood furnishings plus modern ensuite bathrooms. The whole place has a special, welcoming ambience with fireplaces lit every evening. Charlie and Jo are on hand as hosts, ensuring guests’ every need is met.

The house is wedged between unspoilt hills and a sparkling natural lake. This peaceful and picturesque location makes it an ideal spot for a family or a group of friends to unwind, perhaps after a safari in one of Zambia’s magnificent national parks.

Guests have the run of the house and can sift through Sir Stewart’s record collection or retire to his library to read about the history of the estate. In the grounds, they can explore the family’s 1,000-hectare game reserve or simply stroll around the gardens and lawns.

Other activities include boating on the lake, fishing, birdwatching and horse riding. Visits can also be arranged to local farms, schools and hospitals.

• Owned and operated by the Harveys, family of Sir Gore Brown
• Designed and built by Sir Gore Brown in 1928
• Subject of the book Africa House, Christina Lamb
• A huge private estate, farm and game farm, lake, hills
• 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
• horse riding, fishing, boating, walking, exploring the house and library and
  all the history of the house
• No minimum age
• Open all year

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